To narrow the gap between job and jobseeker providing job oriented training i.e. to make a bridge between job and jobseeker.

From where we can get the course materials?

Very high qualified & Skilled persons engaged in different government & Private organization, NGOs, Public and Private university. MIS Ltd also has its own (Permanent) faculty team with several years of teaching experience. Maximum of them are Vendor Certified

Considering Full time Students, job seekers or employee classes are starts from 9 am and continue till 9 pm.

As MIS Ltd offers different job oriented course so it has no fixed entry requirements. Depends on courses different entry qualifications are required. Minimum entry qualification is S.S.C for some course, H.S.C for another course, Bachelor for some course.

Yes, it’s very often Seminar / Workshop in different topics are offering.

As concern of MIS  Ltd Group MIS Ltd directly related with Skill Jobs an internationally recognized job portal in Bangladesh. So it’s a greet opportunity for the students of MIS Ltd that thy may apply for job through www.skill.jobs

As MIS Ltd offers & conducted training keeps in mind job opportunity in home & abroad very specially so all the course are fully job oriented that helps the students to get their desirer job.

Considering the socio-economic condition of the country MIS Ltd fix-up tuition fees which is very affordable for the students. Depends on course curriculum & duration different fees structure is designed. Students may get installation facility.