3D Modeling with Maya men

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Welcome to “MAYA for Absolute Beginners course in Bangla”.
I am Arif Ahmed, since a long time I have been involved with this Software’s work and training.
I am specially involved with many institutes and university level works in animation, and I want to show a summary basics of those skills in this course outline.
This course is designed in such way so that even very beginners of MAYA can learn from here and build a career afterwards. Here are almost 48 videos of tutorials and they have a duration which is above 8 hours , this might seem hard and big but comparing to MAYA software this is not much, there is one thing you all know or will know about MAYA and that is, this is a very powerful and amazing 3d animation software . There are credits for MAYA because it has been involved for many games and animation production ,virtual reality and so on , so the thing here is, this software is very good and will be used in future for many games, animation works and that is why this tutorial course is important. You can get to know NURBS modeling and stuffs such as that, you don’t have to memorize a lot of things to understand this, If you give time to the videos attentively, you will know the tools and commands here
I am showing a tutorial on how to make a cartoon car model and if you carefully watch it you will get ideas on NURBS modeling, also you got poly modeling technique and more here, if you do these works you will eventually be skillful in this software. This course will help you understand textures, lightings and tools like those in MAYA, here I am showing you how to make an animated butterfly model, you also have paint effects from where you will get many effects and elements, I will also show how to edit these effects in MAYA. I will show how to place these effects and create a scenario. And then I will show dynamic simulation. Basically this is a difficult software but since this a beginner course, you will learn a lot from here and there won’t be a lot of difficulties.

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